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450,000 t/a GGBFS Plant

Application Cement Plant
Annual Output 450,000 tons
Power Consumption 40 kWh/t
Blaine Fineness 4200-4500 cm²/g


The GGBS is used to the concrete projects, such as projects involving in roads and bridges, which have higher requirements for bending strength Meanwhile, the GGBS also suits to make concrete with high strength and high performance The two advantages following of GGBS make it having great superiority in the big scale concrete projects, underground concrete projects and sea concrete projects


The production line of GGBS used the most advanced vertical mill system up to now. Different with the technology used in the conventional GGBS vertical mill system in the market, CHAENG (Xinxiang Great Wall Machinery Co., Ltd) has innovated many new technology which ensure that the whole GGBS production can operation stably with high capacity, high efficiency ,low carbon.Its new process is mainly the following aspects:

1.Separation of dry material and wet material

2.The outside cycle using bury scraping machine and hauling engine and pipe iron remover combination

3.Set up steady flow storehouse ( middle storehouse )

4.The waster material will be send to the vertical mill going through the outside warehouse

5.Set the dust collector on the chute transportation corridor

6.Using two gate valve to replace 3-way valve which has a high failure rate.

7.The large pieces of slag will be crushed again and again.

8.Add the iron choosing machine to make a better separation effect of slag and iron

9.Other creative industrial technique



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